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  • Secure your social network accounts : Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn etc.
  • Remove content already online : send us the links in the form, we will remove them.
  • Our solutions for detecting and deleting videos and content uploaded by scammers.
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Questionnaire to be completed accurately

Do the scammers know your full name?
Are you a minor?
Do the scammers know your address, city, etc.?
Do you have a Facebook account?
Are you a student / unemployed?
Are you a person with a public profile/significant media exposure on Google?
Do the scammers know the name of your employer/profession?
Do you have an account on Viadeo or LinkedIn?
Do you have a profession with responsibility?
Are you still in contact with the scammers?
Have you ever paid money to the scammer?
Have the scammers already sent you a link to some online content (YouTube videos, blog etc.)?


Description of your problem
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